" Academic Explorations: Researching Cuban Educational Practices

February 17-25, 2018

The 2018 program has reached capacity. Please contact busquedasinvestigativas@gmail.com if you'd like to be added to the waitlist. 


Join us in Cuba for an intensive week of research on the Cuban educational system, policies, and practices at all levels, from day care to university and postgraduate education. Búsquedas Investigativas is a unique opportunity to collaborate with Cuban educators in exploring Cuban educational practices and the complex –and global--issues of contemporary education. Hundreds of U.S. and international professionals and students have participated since the founding of our exchange in 1994!

Student performance, Manuel Ascunce Domenech School for Art Instructors, Santa Clara, October 2010

Búsquedas Investigativas Highlights:

Five days of activities in Cuba's capital, Havana, will be complemented with work in Matanzas Province. A full schedule of research will include the following:
Visits to schools, research centers, and institutions of higher education
Individual and group interviews with Cuban educators and students
Lectures by educational officials and scholars
Question-and-Answer sessions
Collaborative Workshops on methods and methodologies
Opportunities for library research

Participants may propose research in the following--and other--thematic areas: values education; comparative education and educational policy; learning and instruction (including specific subject areas); teacher training; art education; educational administration; higher and post-graduate education; schools and community; schooling and identities (gender, race, nation).

Young students