How Do I Apply To Participate in Búsquedas Investigativas?

Please read carefully the information about who is permitted to travel to Cuba under the current regulations!


  • Have you read the "Who Can Travel" page?
  • Are you a professional educator who will conduct full-time research during the trip or a graduate student who will receive credit for research during the trip?
  • Do you have a research topic you want to explore?


If your answers are "yes," follow the instructions below for applying.


There are two applications to be completed.

1. Application for the Búsquedas Investigativas organizers
This ONLINE application asks for personal information, research interests and proposed focus for the trip, and other travel-related information. Please send your CV to after you have submitted your application

The 2018 program has reached capacity. Please contact if you'd like to be added to the waitlist. 


2. Application for Marazul Charters
Once your Basquedas investigatuas application has been approved, you will need to complete the application for Marazul charters. This application asks for personal and other information needed to provide you with flights to Cuba and lodging. It includes the affidavit that certifies the category under which you will travel to Cuba.


Please download, print, and follow the instructions provided! The application can be submitted by regular mail, fax, or electronically via email.


Don't forget to attach the copy of the information page from your passport!
Send completed forms to:

Marazul Charters Inc.
1 Marine Plaza, Suite 302
North Bergen, NJ, 07047
Tel: 201-319-1054
Tel Outside NJ: 800-223-5334
Fax: 201-319-8970