" Academic Explorations: Researching Cuban Educational Practices


Accommodations and travel in Cuba have been arranged by Marazul Charters.
2017 costs are stated as below. 2018 costs will be updated closer to departure.  
$210 (US) registration fee for participants, to be paid in USD in Havana
$469 RT flights Miami/Havana/Miami
includes U.S. departure tax and required Cuban medical insurance
$25 (CUC) Cuban airport exit tax
$735 Double Room In-Cuba Package (per person)
$760 Single Room In-Cuba Package

$75 Cuban Visa
The Búsquedas Investigativas in-Cuba package includes:
Accommodations in Cuba have been arranged by Marazul Charters. The Busquedas Investigativas includes eight (8) nights lodging, 3 in Hotel Neptuno-Triton in Havana and 4 nights in a 3- star hotel in Matanzas, February 17-25, breakfast included.
Transfer to and from the airport in Havana 
Round-trip transportation to and from all group activities.
Hotel Neptuno-Triton
3ra Ave. y 74,
Havana, Cuba

The package is based on February 17 arrival and February 25 departure. Earlier or later dates may be arranged individually (with costs adjusted accordingly). Participants who wish to extend their research in Cuba should indicate desired dates at the bottom of the participant information section of the application form.


Since November 2004, U.S. dollars are no longer accepted as legal tender in Cuba. Dollars must be exchanged for Convertible Cuban Pesos (CUCs) and a 10% exchange fee is charged along with a 3% conversion charge.