Travel to Havana will be organized by Marazul Charters, New Jersey.


We will be planning travel to Cuba with Marazul Charters. Marazul can reserve seats on a Saturday, February 17 flight from your home airport to Havana and a Sunday, February 25 flight returning from Havana. You may also book connections yourself or use another agency.

Participants may select a departure city that is convenient (as well as connecting flights to the point of departure). Marazul can provide a comprehensive schedule of departure cities and flights, including those new airports offering service to Cuba.

Participants will arrange travel to and from Havana (and payment) directly with Marazul, after submitting application materials (Doc). Marazul also provides Cuba travel advice.


Marazul Charters
4100 Park Avenue
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Tel (800-223-5334 or (201) 319-1054
Fax (201) 319-8970